Every year, professional international chef organizations present an annual Escoffier gastronomic seven-course dinner.  Chef Antonin Carême created Nouvelle Cuisine, bringing vibrant vegetables back into classical cuisine.  This dinner is to honor both Chef Carême and plant-based vegetarian cuisine while promoting it through the media to inspire chefs and the general public as to the potential of this marvelous cuisine.  The United Nations is declaring February 10, 2019 the first International Day of the Pulse and the ANF, to honor the declared day, will indicatively use pulses on the dinner menu. The short term goal is to create this dinner in Colorado and the long term goal is to begin replicating the dinner nationally and internationally among professional chefs and culinary organizations. As an ideal protein source for human consumption, pulses (beans, peas, and lentils) should have a concessional entree place on everyone’s plate.  The dinner will be held in the winter or spring of 2019.

The first dinner will be partially subsidized to cover marketing, complimentary dinners for major food writers, and initial cost of the first dinner. Subsequent dinners will be self funded.