Culinary Education

The ANF has created a plant-based curriculum for culinary schools (Certified Vegetarian Cook CVC) and the general public. Using this curriculum, we plan to collaborate with active professional culinary educators to create a format that is beneficial for students and meets state governments educational guidelines for certification. The program would then be modified to an online program, which culinary schools may also present for state approval.

  • Plant-based curricula (CVC)(Certified Vegetarian Cook “CVC”) for culinary schools and general public with a modified online version

  • Online certification programs for the general public

  • Training videos to support the curriculum

  • Production of a series of short videos showcasing the food from the ANF’s team presentations in 1992 and 1996. The ANF has 80 hours of raw footage to tell the team’s story of its epic journey from practicing in Boston to winning the Gold in Germany.