Plant-Based Culinary competitions

Culinary competitions drive culinary innovation. It is in vegan culinary competitions that chefs can develop vegan skills (i.e. how to develop plant-based recipes and menus with plant-based meat, dairy, and egg substitutes) and learn food preparation techniques unique through innovating recipes for the competition.

  • The ANF will create (write the rules for competing and judging) a plant-based Professional Category K hot food competition. This is a modification of the American Culinary Federations professional Category K competition. In this competition the chefs have one hour to prepare 4 hot dinners for three judges to taste and one dinner for display. The chef will have to submit menu, recipes, and nutritional information.

  • Medals (Gold, Silver, & Bronze) will be designed, forged, and produced along with certificates

  • A culinary school will be chosen with pods (mini kitchen stations for chefs to prepare their food)

  • Three professional chefs with competition experience will be chosen to judge and will be given the rules by which to judge the food.